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Getting Along with Almost Anyone:
Advanced Rapport Skills

Rapport is the key to influence.  There are many adages that speak of the power of rapport.  "People buy from people they like."  "Birds of a feather flock together."  Rapport is not a relationship.  Relationships are deeper.  Rapport is a feeling of comfort, trust, likeability.  We may not get married because we are in rapport with someone.  However we can definitely close sales and create repeat business by being in rapport with prospects and customers.

Most people have some rapport skills.  The most widely-used skill is to find something in common with another person.  We realize we both have teenage children, summer homes at the beach, the same alma mater, a passion to collect frog figurines.  This is a fantastic way to create rapport, but what if we can not find a quick commonality?

The deepest, common denominator of rapport is sameness.  People like people who are like themselves.  Everyone likes themselves.  So the more we can learn to be like prospects and customers, the more rapport we will have with them.  The adage in sales is: "Average salespeople sell to people like themselves.  Great salespeople sell to anyone."  The fastest way to gain rapport and the greatest display of respect for another person, is to cross over into their world and become like them.

Mary shows attendees three subtle, sophisticated techniques for gaining rapport that work at a subconscious level.  These techniques do not require attendees to find an obvious, commonality as described above and they make a wonderful addition to attendees' current repertoire of techniques. 

Mary gives examples of how these techniques work in both personal and professional settings.  Attendees have fun as Mary describes her own discovery and use of the techniques.  They also use and practice each technique during the program.  By the end, attendees have concrete skills to help them have more influence with prospects, customers, even their significant others, and children.