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Effortless Achievement:
Saying Goodbye to Willpower

There is a part of our brain that allows us to achieve effortlessly.  Most of us have had the experience of achieving overeating, under exercising, fear of public speaking, fear of making cold calls, aversion to angry customers, and earning less money than we want to effortlessly.  Yet how many of us have had the experience of achieving  higher incomes, healthy habits, or positive emotional reactions to stress effortlessly?

Most of us use a different part of our brain to try and achieve what we want, willpower.  Willpower is very ineffective.  How many New Year's Resolutions have we made?  How many have we kept for more than 12 hours?  How many times have we said that we wanted something, only to be frustrated when we didn't get it for the 52nd time?  These are experiences of using the wrong part of the brain for the right task.

Mary shows attendees how to set and achieve goals they want effortlessly.  She explains how the brain works and how to tap into its power without using willpower.  The process is remarkably easy and it works whether we want it to or not!  As an example of the previous statement, Mary shares how she accidentally discovered the brain's power to create change effortlessly while at a Labor Day barbeque. 

Attendees have fun and apply the process during the session.  They can apply the skills they learn to anything: closing more sales, having a better disposition on the telephone with customers, losing weight.