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How To "Be On":
Professionalism Under Pressure

Every professional has a goal emotion that helps them achieve success.  For the sales professional it's enthusiasm.  For the customer service professional it's calm.  Popularly, this idea is known as "being in the zone".  Here, it's referred to as "Being On".

We close more sales; deliver excellent presentations; and create more repeat customers when we "Are On".  The challenge is, how do we get to our goal emotion when prospects are objecting; presentation attendees are sleeping; customers are screaming; our kids are failing math; stock values are falling; and our dog died yesterday?

Mary shows attendees a 3-step system for "Being On", at will, no matter what else is happening.  It's our job, as a professional, to change how our listener or group feels, not the other way around.  In order to do that, we must first change how we feel.  Emotions are catchy.  Listeners catch emotions from us.

Mary teaches the 3-step system with a fun, interactive presentation.  She explains how emotions are created and how we can control them.  She demonstrates how she uses the 3-steps in her business, in her personal life, and on scary, commercial airline flights.  Attendees have fun and apply the steps during the session.  By the end, they've brainstormed solutions and turned some of their previously perceived negatives into positives.