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Customer Service Training Resources

Searching for customer service improvement options besides onsite training or in addition to training?

Train-the-Trainer License

A train-the-trainer license allows you to train unlimited employees for a single investment.  It is valuable when you...


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Assessments are valuable when you want to...

Assessments are available online or in paper booklets.

Assessments can be taken by...


Which area of improvement  would most impact your customer service success??

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If you would like training to go along with the assessments, there are two options available. 


Books and Audio


Training 100+ Employees?

Customer Service Training License 

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Work Expectations Assessment

Is morale impacting your organization's customer service?


Time Management Assessment

Would increased efficiency or timeliness improve your customer service?


Listening Skills Assessment

Would you like to reduce frustration and errors for customers with better listening skills?


Cultural Diversity Assessment

Do you need more sensitivity working with a culturally diverse customer population?


Personality Styles Assessment

If you could work with even the most difficult personalities would you be more successful?