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Diversity Training Assessment

Helping People Capitalize on Differences

The cultural backgrounds and experiences of diverse employees and customers can enrich an organization, making it more innovative and globally competitive.

But realizing the benefits of diversity means meeting the diversity challenge through self-awareness, understanding, and commitment.

The Diversity Training Assessment helps employees learn how they respond to workforce diversity issues and where they need to develop increased understanding. It is the foundation on which effective communication, acceptance, customer service, and teamwork can be built.

This self-directed learning instrument provides a safe, confidential way for employees to explore the complex issues surrounding diversity in four key areas:


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Discover Your “Comfort Level”

After recording and tallying responses to the assessment, learners are guided through a confidential interpretation process that identifies their present attitudes about workforce diversity.

 They quickly assess their level of comfort — or discomfort — with differences by using a simple feedback grid that corresponds to the four diversity areas.

Current feelings, opinions, knowledge, and skills are pinpointed. The impact of individual comfort level on workplace effectiveness is clarified, and specific suggestions for improving individual understanding of diverse groups are offered.


Gain Insight, Take Action, Value Diversity

The Diversity Training Assessment helps individuals to...


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The Discovering Diversity Profile Facilitator’s Kit provides everything trainers need to administer the Discovering Diversity Profile in facilitated sessions. The kit includes research and technical background, a fully scripted seminar, presentation materials on CD-ROM, and two profiles. Contact your Inscape Publishing Authorized Distributor for details.


Training and Facilitator's Kit Available

The Diversity Training Assessment can also be introduced as part of a Diversity Training Program.

The Diversity Training Facilitator’s Kit provides everything so you can administer the Diversity Training Assessment in facilitated sessions.

The kit includes:


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