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Searching for presentation skills improvement options besides onsite training or in addition to training?

Train-the-Trainer License

A train-the-trainer license allows you to train unlimited employees for a single investment.  It is valuable when you...


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30 Ways To Develop Outstanding Speech Content

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If you are searching for resources to deepen, broaden, and spice up your presentation, the following resource will be helpful.

Audiences are demanding and smart.  Presentation content needs to be informative, persuasive, varied, and thorough.

Learn presentation content development from a professional speaker who addresses executives for a living.

You will never have to worry about what to say.  Your biggest challenge will be what interesting, relevant, timely information you have to leave out.

You'll feel confident with this 35-page resource guide complete with web links you can start using immediately to develop content.


30 Ways To Develop Outstanding Speech Content

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Know Your Audience

Most presenters present from their own personality type.  If they are analytical so is their entire presentation.  If they are bubbly so is their entire presentation.  Etc.

What about the audience?

Great presenters tailor their content to their audience or at least diversify their material so they add a little something for everyone.

The DiSCĀ® Personality Types Assessment can help you...


See a sample DiSC Personality Assessment

Assessments are available online or in paper booklets.


Books and Video

Training 50+ Employees?

Customer Service Training License 

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30 Ways To Develop Outstanding Speech Content

30 Ways To Develop Outstanding Speech Content

















Personality Styles Assessment

Personality Assessment

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