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Time Management Assessment

Create More Time In A Day

What if you or your team could reduce wasted time by just five minutes every hour? 

Productivity would jump 8.3 percent and efficiency levels would rise.  You could begin to devote more time to completing critical tasks that improve customer service.

Effective time management would allow you to...

Tap into the Power of Self-Assessment

The time management assessment provides people with a complete self-directed assessment of their current time management effectiveness.

The instrument comprises 60 statements that describe employees’ time-related behavior in 12 categories:

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Transform Self-Awareness into Results

Written in contemporary language for all levels of the organization, the Time Management Assessment is comprehensive and fast. Most people need less than one hour to take the first steps toward more effective management of their time.

Training and Facilitator's Kit Available

The Time Management Assessment can also be introduced as part of a Time Management Training Program.



The Time Management Facilitator’s Kit provides everything so you can administer the Time Management Assessment in facilitated sessions.

The kit includes:


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