Training 100s or 1,000s of Employees?

Own-It-All-Forever License Might Make Sense

How Does It Work?

Invest Once. Train Forever. Get Unlimited ROI.


Unlimited Employees

  • Train everyone in the organization.
  • Train new hires during orientation.

Unlimited Coaches

  • Have unlimited employee coaches.
  • Have trainers and managers coach.

Unlimited Time

  • Rollout training at your own pace.
  • Refresh training at your own pace.

What You Receive

Electronic Masters for the following Items...

workbooks shadow both sm

Workbook PDF

Print participant workbooks or upload them into your LMS for download.

coaching covers sm

Coach's PDF

Instructions on how to facilitate and coach a traditional or flipped experience.

weekly emails shadow sm

Refreshers DOCX

Copy the weekly refreshers into your email system or reinforcement system.



Certificates provided in preferred format- DOCX, PDF, PNG, etc.

computer mac phone sm

HD Videos

Videos provided in preferred format for use in your LMS.

Wondering if a License is Right For You?