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When Pericles spoke, the people said, "How well he speaks."
When Demosthenes spoke, the people said, "Let us march!"

Unleash the Power of Presentation

On a mission?  We can help.  Presentations are supposed to be powerful.
Start getting results in less time and with more engagement than you ever thought possible.














Subject Matter Expert


Say Goodbye to Bland

Set Higher Goals and Reach Them

Strategy, Structure, and Spice Rack.  Learn this framework to quickly design brief, logically sound, emotionally compelling, presentations with engaging visual aids and strategic handouts that get results.

Own the Room...In Person or Virtually

Leverage the Psychology of Space, Height, and Sound.  Use voice pitch, pace, volume, rhythm, pauses, body language, eye movement, gestures, and staging to exude authority and friendliness.

Ace Questions and Answers

Finish strong.  Ace this make-or-break part of the presentation with confidence and control even with tough audiences and challenging or hostile questions.


Client Results & Case Studies

We believe presentations can drive serious results. Read about our client’s successes.

$90 Million Sale Won

Learn how a Construction Client used presentation skills to win a $90 Million Dollar project as the underdog against a competitor who matched the exact experience for the opportunity.

Vice Presidents Empowered

Learn how a Financial Client used presentation skills to groom their Vice Presidents to use data to set strategy and get buy-in for decisions rather than just present information.

New Hires Up to Speed

Learn how a B2B Professional Services client used presentation skills to transform their New Hire Training from information overload into an actionable, energizing experience.  Onboarding vs Onboreding


Seeing is Believing

We videotape and coach extensively so you can see and hear your improvement in mp4 files.

What to expect??

  • Present within 15 minutes of program start.
  • Work with your real business presentations.
  • Finish better than you started.

Virtual Presentation Skills

You can Get Them Marching® when you present virtually via audio, video or webinar.

What's different for virtual presentation skills?
We believe it boils down to two things: Voice and Visuals.

Learn how to take voice and visuals to an even higher level to keep virtual audiences engaged.


What Clients Say

"Mary kept us motivated. She knew her material and communicated her knowledge very well. Best seminar I have ever attended."

~ Kathleen Brennan

Sales Assistant, Air Canada

"Helpful to solve the root of the problems not just technique or symptom band-aids."

~ Eric Demack

Buyer, Ace Hardware

"Informative and motivational. Of particular benefit was the fact that it was geared towards us and issues which affect us."

~ Susan Cipollo

Compliance Supervisor, The Hartford

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What do you receive?

  • Open Strong Video e-Learning
  • Email Refreshers
  • PDF Handout
  • Downloadable Course Outlines
  • Downloadable Brochure

Favorite Quotes

"The secret to being a bore is to tell everything."

~ Voltaire

"He who angers you conquers you."

~ Elizabeth Kenny

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."

~ Benjamin Franklin

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