3 Tips to Look Great on Zoom and Teams Guaranteed- even without sleep, shower, makeup, or the fountain of youth.

Look Great Zoom Teams

1. Light  2. Camera Angle  3. Settings.

To prove these 3 Easy Tips work, guaranteed, I demo them in the video below with…

  • No sleep
  • No shower
  • No makeup
  • No Fountain of Youth (unfortunately)


I also share 4 Tips to Avoid Looking Tired and Old.



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Tip #1: Light

  • Use one soft light from straight in front of you.
  • Avoid overhead lights
  • Avoid windows

Head over to Amazon for a plethora of soft lighting options.


Tip #2: Camera Angle

Your built-in camera is fine.  It’s the angle that’s important.

  • Make the camera angle straight, just like the light.
  • Avoid angling laptops up.
  • Avoid angling desktops down.


Tip #3: Settings

  • Zoom- Turn on Touch Up My Appearance and Adjust Low Light
  • Teams-Turn on Soft Focus and Adjust Brightness
  • Zoom Only- Try Studio Effects in Settings.

I confess I’m addicted to Lip Color Studio Effects.
Yes, I’m wearing Zoom lipstick in the Video Demo!


Get a Detailed 21-Page PDF Summary

Click the image below to receive a detailed 21-Page PDF Summary of the 3 Tips with Screen Shots.

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