What’s the Best Business Growth Strategy? Scare or care?

Care and They Will Come

Care Is a Competitive Edge

In a world where it can feel like nobody cares and everybody is trying to make us scared, standout and choose to care.

I just received a voice mail from my Bank that scared me…



“I was reviewing your account and found multiple things we need to address. Please give me a call at 555-555-5555.”



I called immediately. Fraudulent activity? Something out of order? A hack?



The Account Manager wanted me to switch Payroll and Credit Cards.



  • I resented being scared into a sales call.
  • I did appreciate the outreach, care.



  • Can businesses care without the scare?
    Yes.  I’ve experienced it.
  • Is it worth the extra effort?
    Yes.  Resentment erodes trust and willingness to buy.



Care and they will come.

  • Care about customers.
  • Care about employees.
  • Care about their success.
  • Care about our planet.


Caring is the best business growth strategy.


(Ok I loved the movie Field of Dreams.)

I also love helping clients Care for their Customers and Create a Positive Experience Every Time.  Reach out to learn more here.

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Mary Sandro helps organizations deliver exceptional customer service and standout presentations. In 1994 she founded ProEdge Skills, Inc. to deliver engaging training programs, videos, coaching, and train-the-trainer licenses that empower employees to achieve goals. Learn more at www.ProEdgeSkills.com or call 800-731-0601.

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