Service and Storytelling- How to Find and Tell Compelling Shareable Stories

Service and Storytelling

Spoiler Alert:

Service and Storytelling got a worthy cause News Coverage yesterday.

Here’s how….Cut more than you keep.



There are opportunities to make a difference every day when we’re observant.

Distant splashing beckoned during my morning paddle on Miami Beach.



There is no story without Service that Saves the Day.

After discovering an enormous Sea Turtle stuck on an old mooring line, I asked Matt the Lifeguard to go above and beyond and make a Sea Turtle rescue.

He donned his snorkel, packed a knife, and hopped on his paddle board.



Brief, emotional stories make an impact.

The original raw footage of the Sea Turtle Rescue was over 10 minutes or 600 seconds.

Edited, the entire Sea Turtle Rescue Story took 75 seconds on Video.

Take the viewer on the entire experience, story arc, from discovery to distress to success.

In video, use simple jump cuts to create excitement and momentum.



Brief, emotional stories of above and beyond want to be shared.

This one made it to the Evening News.

Read or watch the coverage here….

Service and Storytelling











  • Be observant always for opportunities to help and serve.
  • Make stories as brief as you can with a splash of emotion.
  • In video, use simple jump cuts.
  • When you think you’ve cut enough, go back and cut some more.


  • What will you observe today?
  • How will you serve?
  • How much “footage” can you cut?


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